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My rules for new leaders

With the book on the verge of officially launching this Friday – and actually up now on Amazon – I’m being asked what’s covered in the book. The names of the 42 Rules, organized into 7 Parts, should give you a good idea:

42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role: The Manual They Didn’t Hand You When You Made VP, Director, or Manager
by Pam Fox Rollin


Foreword by John A. Byrne


Part I Set Yourself Up For Success

Rule 1 Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

Rule 2 Begin Ready

Rule 3 Fire Up Your Task Management System

Rule 4 Draft Your Strategic One-Pager

Rule 5 Take Charge of Your Start

Part II Map the Terrain

Rule 6 Leverage the Honeymoon

Rule 7 Map What Matters to People with Power

Rule 8 Uncover Precisely How Your Group Creates Value

Rule 9 Figure Out What to Prove by When

Rule 10 Set Your Milestones

Part III Show Up Wisely

Rule 11 Apply Your Strengths— and Beware

Rule 12 Deal with Your Weak Spots

Rule 13 (Re)Introduce Yourself Internally & Externally

Rule 14 Don’t Blame the Last Guy

Rule 15 Show People How to Work with You

Rule 16 Get Over Yourself

Part IV Start Your Wins

Rule 17 Pick Smart Quick Wins

Rule 18 Plant Seeds for Future Wins

Rule 19 Tune Up Your Team

Rule 20 Communicate Early and Often

Rule 21 Tell a Good Story

Rule 22 Bring Value to Any Room

Rule 23 Balance Curiosity, Advice, and Silence

Part V Create Your Management System

Rule 24 Make Your Own Metrics

Rule 25 Catalog Risks and Start Mitigating

Rule 26 Run Unmissable Meetings

Rule 27 Adjust Your Approach

Rule 28 Launch 1:1s that Actually Drive Performance

Rule 29 Make the Most of Screwups

Rule 30 Grow More Leaders

Rule 31 Call in the Experts

Part VI Stay Smart

Rule 32 Strengthen Your Strategic Point of View

Rule 33 Stay Current and Capable

Rule 34 Model Healthy Paranoia

Rule 35 Ferret Out Feedback

Rule 36 Build Your Industry Presence

Part VII Set You and Your Team To Thrive

Rule 37 Make Your Job Doable

Rule 38 Stoke the Energy of Your Group

Rule 39 Mind Your Mood

Rule 40 Now, Lead with Your Life in Mind

Rule 41 Use Your Power for Good

Rule 42 These Are My Rules. What Are Yours?

Appendix A For Job Seekers

Appendix B Hiring? How to Use this Book

Appendix C For Executive Coaches

Appendix D Myers-Briggs® and More

Appendix E Online Resources