Make the most of Your New Leadership Role

I want to help you thrive as a leader! Here are practical and effective actions for you to start strong or raise your game in your VP, Director, or Manager job.

42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role by Pam Fox Rollin


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Let this book remind you what you did right before, help you avoid common missteps, and give you new strategies for acing those critical first months. Buy this book when you’re making a step up, moving to a new organization, or for your friends as they move up. This book is also an ideal reference for executive coaches, mentors, HR business partners, management trainers, and others who help new leaders be successful.

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Praise For This Book!

“I wish I had this book early in my career! By now, I’ve seen hundreds of people start leadership roles—from senior executives to customer-facing team leads—some starting brilliantly, some struggling unnecessarily. This book  points you to the actions that make all the difference in those critical early months.”

–Peter Aceto, CEO, ING DIRECT, Canada


“This book will be useful when you start and as a framework throughout your career as you take on ever more challenging roles. You’ll especially value, as I do, Pam’s perspective on building the relationships and fact base that make extraordinary work possible.”

—Steven Tallman, Partner & VP, Global Operations, Bain & Company


“Pam and I met 10 years ago when we started our coaching company. Since inception Pam has been one of our most effective and loved coaches. Her clients love her because of how she helps them reach the heights they were capable of. 42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role represents the best of what she has learned over the years. Buy this book, and expect it to change your life!”

—Scott Blanchard, Executive Vice President, The Ken Blanchard Companies


“When I mentor leaders who want to advance, I offer the guidance you’ll find in this book: Be bold in seeing opportunities and tackling tough issues, build your visibility strategically, and take responsibility for your own development. I’ve heard Pam speak on this, and she gives you the real scoop.”

—Genevieve Haldeman, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Symantec


“Leaders thrive on making bold moves amid risk. At the same time,  the best stay open to learning. Let Pam help you raise your game on both fronts.”

—Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson


“Pam was a key partner in transforming my team from a sales support organization to one providing strategic marketing leadership. With her warm and direct style, Pam assisted me in tackling the challenges of being new to the company, new to the industry, and new to leadership level. With my reports (many of whom were also new), Pam developed their leadership skills, strategic thinking, and implementation planning. The wisdom in this slim, yet impactful, book provides new leaders a road map to success.”

—Gail Piccirilli, former VP Marketing, Blue Shield of California


“Leadership transitions lay the groundwork for more great legacies and painful failures than any other period in your career. Don’t let past success fool you into thinking you can wing it. Use a set of practical steps, like these wisely crafted rules, to help you quickly identify blind spots, build allies, and set norms that will assure you (and your team!)  get to the next stage.”

—Mike Hochleutner, Executive Director, Center for Leadership Development and Research, Stanford Graduate School of Business


“Pam gives us that rare gem of a book—the perfect blend of proven tactics solidly grounded in the latest research. 42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role offers smart, busy leaders the proven mindsets and practical to-do’s to make their strongest start as they rise in the leadership ranks. She also provides great tips on leading change across your organization. Refer back to the book often, and take every chance to hear Pam speak about leadership.”

—Sharon L. Richmond, Director, Change Leadership Center of Excellence, Cisco Systems


“Winning markets is always a combination of a brilliant idea, created in collaboration with people. It is always a combination of the ‘what’ and the ‘how.’ Many books will offer you frameworks and models. This book will give you pure wisdom on ‘how’ you can lead, so you and your company can win.”

—Nilofer Merchant, Strategist and Author of The New How


“Pam Fox Rollin and her new book give even the most junior leader advice that can make them ‘wise’ beyond their years. Take a look at her criteria for a win/win project:

  • Makes a real impact on the P&L
  • Seen as a win by people with power
  • Relieves a significant pain for your team
  • Can be replicated, rolled out, or scaled up
  • Engages a cross-section of people on your team
  • Generates learning that makes your team more capable of future wins.

I do not think any consultant could give you better advice. Read her. Follow her. Succeed because of her.”

—Linda Alepin, Dean’s Executive Professor of Entrepreneurship, Santa Clara University and Founding Director, Global Women’s Leadership Network


“42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role covers all the critical first steps to take and all the dangerous missteps to avoid as you dive into a new role, a new company, and a new culture. Pam’s insight into what it takes to not only get off on the right foot but to rise in the best technology-driven companies makes  this book relevant in Silicon Valley and around the world.”

—Mark Roe, Vice President of Operations, SolarCity and former executive, Apple


“I work with people who are reinventing their careers, and one of their biggest fears is whether or not they’ll be effective in their new jobs. They’re especially concerned about taking on a new leadership role. Pam has created an easy-to-follow set of guidelines that lay out the key issues leaders need to think about so that they can feel confident right from the start. Brilliant!”

—Dr. Susan Bernstein, Career Reinvention & Renewal Coach, Work from Within


“When making the transition to a  new role, even a top performer needs to exercise a different group of muscles. Pam has distilled extensive leadership lessons into simple and actionable guidelines. With the insights from this book, you can make your next start your best ever.”

—Judy Gilbert, Director of People Operations, YouTube


42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role (2nd Edition): The Manual They Didn't Hand You When You Made VP, Director, or Manager