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We’re counting on YOU: Taking over a failing project & pulling off a big win

You’ve said yes to taking over a big complex and failing project for your company. You have to herd cats who don’t actually work for you, separate the smoke from the fire and figure out what really needs doing, make frustrated people cooperate with each other, build the support of skeptics and slackers, and somehow achieve a win while you still have executive support, team attention, budget to burn, and a market opportunity worthy of all this hard work.

What you’ll learn:

* Simplify and sharpen outcomes
* Craft the compelling story in words and metrics
* Honor agendas to gain doers and champions
* Monitor risks and model healthy paranoia
* Celebrate mini-wins and sprint to DONE

Pam Fox Rollin
Free and open to all.

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Making New Leaders Successful: How HR Business Partners are Accelerating Results

We’re beginning to see mobility again in manager and director levels. Yet, one-quarter of leaders promoted from within fail in the first 18 months; one-third of outside hires fail. Many flame-outs can be traced to missteps during their first 100 days. More importantly, for the 60-75 percent of leaders who survive into their second year, performance of their business units are dampened by indecision, overreactions, and delays as leaders onboard. With results expected faster than ever, we can’t afford to let new leaders flail.

Focusing on the success of newly-hired and newly-promoted leaders is one of the best investments your company can make. Yet, senior executives seldom have the time or expertise to take on more than a fraction of this opportunity. HR Business Partners are usually best-positioned to promote new leader success, with critical support from their functional colleagues within HR. This session will highlight practical, time-efficient ways HR can accelerate the business performance of new leaders and their teams.

Sponsored by HR West

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Onboarding Executives: Grasping the Opportunity to Move Senior Teams Forward

Pam Fox Rollin
Sponsored by HR.com & CPP, Inc.

Join us to look at the challenges and opportunities inherent in onboarding executives. We will consider the perspective that support for onboarding most usefully focuses on the leadership team rather than primarily the individual. Webcast topics will include executive team strategies such as owning the change agenda, forging personal partnerships, and raising executive team decision quality. The session will explore how you as HR, OD, and coaching professionals can encourage and support the kinds of conversations critical to making new leaders successful.