Executive Coaching

What do you want to accomplish?

Take a moment, right now, to ask yourself what you want to make happen in the next three years…professional achievement, industry reinvention, personal reinvention, contribution, inner peace? Read More

Team and Talent Development

What if teams at every level of your organization worked better? What if they made decisions more effectively, learned from each other more often, and communicated better with customers and your organization? Clients from Accenture to Zoll use IdeaShape to supplement their internal Organizational and Leadership Development resources, while smaller firms rely on us to help them grow their leaders, onboard new executives, and navigate transitions. Read More

Facilitation & Offsites

How fully can you really participate in leadership meetings while you’re also running the meeting? Do you have time to design strategic offsites that engage your people, generate wise decisions, and get everyone taking action as agreed? Read More

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ®

What’s different about how we “do” Myers-Briggs? We make sure you get results!

We create interactive, memorable experiences that drive business results for clients such as eBay and LinkedIn. Team members come away from our half-day, full-day, and webinar-based sessions ready to be more effective in the real world. Read More

Onboarding and Starting New Leadership Roles

Are you about to step into the unknown and often rocky terrain of a new leadership role?  Having the right strategy in place before you start can help you gain the trust and respect of your colleagues and set you on the path to success. Read More