Executive Coaching

Take a moment, right now: what do you want to make happen in the next few months or years: achieve more in your current role, grow your business, get promoted, hire a more fabulous team and lead them better, build your network and industry visibility, influence your peers and build a stronger leadership team, go through your week with more energy and less stress, …?

With executive coaching, you give yourself the benefit of confidential conversations focused completely on you. We consider your business context, your goals, and your actions to achieve those goals. You can read here what clients say about coaching with Pam.

Typical roles for our executive coaching clients include Chief Marketing Officer, Managing Director, Regional Operations Lead, and VP-Strategy, as well as emerging leaders identified as high-potential. These leaders work with us when they step up to a new role, drive their organizations through complex change, or realize they’re ready to lead even more effectively.

Six Month Coaching Program

Here’s one example of our 6 month coaching programs:

  • Initial depth session (2-3 hours in person) to clarify objectives and start actions
  • 4-6 30 minute stakeholder interviews by phone or in person
  • Myers-Briggs Step II assessment, interpretation, and application to objectives; Enneagram consultation and additional assessments as arranged
  • 2 half day “shadowing” and debrief (clients cite these sessions as especially powerful)
  • Written summary of feedback and implications for action
  • Facilitated feedback/evaluation with executive leader at ~1 month and on completio
  • 5 90-minute in person coaching sessions
  • Approximately 8 30-60 minute phone or Skype coaching sessions
  • Open access for brief calls or emailed questions
  • Wrap session with guidelines for continuing learning

We customize our programs to meet the needs, preferences, and schedule of each client. 6 month coaching programs range from $4,500 to $25,000 based on intensity, in person v. remote contact, degree of integration with organizational leadership programs, and client level.

We offer our executive coaching services both in person at your office (especially in Silicon Valley / San Francisco Bay Area), by phone/Skype, or through a combination of the two. Usually, our work is sponsored by your company; sometimes individuals contract with us directly, with or without visibility to their company.

Coaching Intensives

In addition to 6 month programs, we offer intensives (usually 2 or 3 half-days) to help clients with specific objectives, such as

•   Develop a plan for your first 3-6 months in a new role
•   Prepare for an especially important presentation
•   Figure out how to approach a decision or align executives on a proposal
•   Make progress on a specific behavioral change goal

Contact Us to Design a Program for You

Executive coaching works because we forge a powerful partnership. As the client, you drive the agenda, determine your objectives, explore your options, choose your next steps, and take action. As coaches, we offer observations, questions, methodologies, and tools to sharpen your observations, deepen your learning, and advance your action.

When you work with us, you draw more fully on your own wisdom. Additionally, our experience in leadership, executive onboarding, change management, and a rich history of strategy consultation is available to you in our conversations. Our coaching is a custom learning experience designed specifically for you and your goals.

Contact us for a confidential conversation about your goals.