Facilitation & Offsites

How fully can you participate in leadership sessions while you’re also running the meeting? Do you have time and experience to design strategic offsites that engage your people, generate wise decisions, and get everyone taking action as agreed?

Clients such as Bay Area leaders Genentech, Charles Schwab, eBay, and Autodesk find our expert meeting facilitation makes a crucial difference.

Examples of IdeaShape facilitation:

  • Lead top team of a public company through monthly offsites to guide a strategic repositioning
  • Design six months of leadership communications for marketing group of newly-merged company
  • Guide culture change process for large hospital IT group embracing lean processes
  • Facilitate high-tension C-level decision meetings
  • Design and facilitate succession planning offsite for top team of a public company
  • Guide media agency founders/leadership team to forge clarity on their roles
  • Lead non-profit board through executive transition
  • Guide entrepreneurial company to create vision and drive to key actions
  • Consult on change leadership to company transitioning to agile
  • Structure and facilitate series of innovation sessions
  • Train Packard Foundation Bay Area grantees to lead more influentially
  • Coach executives to improve their own meeting facilitation skills
  • Design and coordinate fun-and-productive divisional offsites
  • Facilitate complex decision-making retreat


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