Get the most from Myers-Briggs with IdeaShape MBTI Master Practitioners

What’s different about how we “do” Myers-Briggs? We make sure you get results!

We create interactive, memorable experiences that drive business results for clients such as eBay and LinkedIn. Team members come away from our half-day, full-day, and webinar-based sessions ready to be more effective in the real world.

As highly experienced MBTI Master Practitioners®, we also offer in-depth work so you can use what you’ve learned about type to improve decision-making, sales, and change management. IdeaShape uses MBTI® as a foundation to help you:

  • Accelerate individual coaching
  • Do team building that works
  • Strengthen sales skills
  • Develop front-line management
  • Analyze and streamline executive decision-making
  • Improve concept development and increase innovation
  • Make the most of many types of diversity
  • Coordinate communication across virtual teams
  • Navigate organizational changes
  • Address conflict productively

Based on more than 50 years of research, the MBTI® is the leading instrument for deepening awareness of individual preferences and behavior, upgrading leadership skills, and helping teams make decisions and work together more productively. Contact us to learn how to make the most of it.

If your company uses additional tools, you’ll find us fluent with workplace applications of DISC® / Interaction Styles, Kiersey Temperament, Jungian Cognitive Processes, Enneagram, EQ-i®, MSCEIT®, Blanchard Situational Leadership II®, TKI®, and many 360 assessment instruments.

Client Comments

“I asked Pam to work with our small company to evaluate MBTI profiles and help the team understand strengths and opportunities based on those profiles. She did a great job putting everyone at ease and through a series of exercises and activities imparted practical skills that have helped the group perform at a high level.”
Rob Hurlbut, CEO, Attune Foods; former CEO, Niman Ranch
[MBTI with his teams in 2007 and 2010]

“LinkedIn’s marketing team has grown significantly (and quickly!) into a set of superstars with great capability and tremendous diversity, so we hired Pam to conduct a Myers Briggs Personality Type study for my whole group. Pam approached the whole project with a consultative, curious and dedicated style that made us feel good right from the start. She interfaced directly with my team throughout the process, got some great insights we didn’t know about each other, and made us all think differently about each other. Her delivery is fun and high energy, highly interactive, and deeply insightful. I plan on working with her again.”
Patrick Crane, former CMO, LinkedIn
[MBTI with the LinkedIn Marketing teams in 2010]

“Pam did a wonderful job facilitating our organization’s Myers-Briggs assessment. Her preparation, onsite facilitation and follow-up exceeded our expectations. We will definitely look to Pam for future consulting engagements.”
Phillippe Wallace, CFO, College Access Foundation
[MBTI with the CAF team and then ongoing team development in 2012]

“We brought Pam in to do Myers-Briggs with our small company. Many of us have come from the corporate world, and had found it to be a very useful tool, so, why not try it in a smaller environment? Pam did a great job for us: ease of test administration, real clarity in showing results, and some very interesting exercises to help us understand how this could help us. I also have to say that Pam wasn’t just extremely helpful, she was also a lot of fun. I would very much recommend this process, and her particular administration to any group looking for ways to work together better, or for groups interested in Myers-Briggs specifically.”
Connie Howard, VP, ETMG
[MBTI with the ETMG team in 2011]

*Artwork on the homepage slideshow courtesy of Sandy McMullen, Personality Plus in Business